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CarmenDinnertime was where I had the pleasure of smelling a variety of herbs, spices and fragrant oils. Many scents that created a distinctive infusion made their way around the home and into our noses for instance. My father, the main cook, would explain the origin of the spices and herbs of his country. Nevertheless, he wanted us to embrace, explore and celebrate the theme of nature through cooking. Whenever my father wanted to surprise us with something special, he would prepare a delicious coconut for us. As a result, we enjoyed exotic beverages, we ate the delicious meat of the coconut and then we used the hard shell of the coconut for a foot pumice. That was the beginning of my appreciation and passions for nature. Since then I am convinced that nature is a treasure trove of many health benefits for all mankind.

As a young girl playing in green fields, I discovered the pleasant taste and the smell of honey suckles and clovers. Even though, my siblings were not quite as excited about tasting flowers…I stayed on the path and continued to sample nature through taste, sight and smell. Then, I formed the idea that I wanted to become a Botanist or an Herbalist and that every garden would be my classroom. One Christmas, my dream came true…well, almost. To my surprise, I received my first kitchen Botany kit. With each new discovery I wanted others to experience the same joy and excitement that I found in plant life. I remember years later my father told me “Carmen, your hands are good for the ground, for growing things and nurturing them. You will be a good gardener”. As I grew I kept his words in my heart.


When the doors to aromatherapy opened I learned the importance of phytonutrients and the application of essential oils. This lead to my interest in growing beautiful champion roses and bathetic products. The velvety petals of my roses became artisan soaps which held majestic, symbolic, and fragrant status. Following, my rose garden episodes I was inspired to create a family journal based on health, tradition and botanical writings. Over the years I have worked with 100 plus essential oils both foreign and domestic, along with the fond memories of my father and a name to carry it on. I would like to welcome you to the House of Portalatin a celebration of grandness, manliness, strength, and honor. Our products are a mark of distinction in a bottle, a rich and robust fragrance bursting with vitality. Today, I am the founder of the House of Portalatin. An award winner of the Small Business Development Center pitch award, a bachelor’s degree in Industrial/Organizational Development and Applied Psychology and a master’s degree in Organizational Development and Leadership, Aromatherapy Plus Intuitive Blending Certificate, Certified Aroma Therapist fall 2018, member of the National Association for Holistic Aromatherapy and GRCA.


Sincerely Carmen

Our Mission

To create timeless, exquisite and natural grooming products for men. To use the business as a platform to build and provide resources and sustainability for children in underdeveloped countries.

About Us

Welcome to the House of Portalatin Experience

Providing the latest in high quality products, services and couture for men. Emphasis on luxury beard oils. Conceived and birthed many years ago. Transformed on April 20, 2018. Our first products were beard oils, then herbal soaps made from our garden mint, various petals and phyto-nutrients. A selection from our small garden located in a city in southeastern Pennsylvania, USA, and the seat of Berks county. Unique Reading (/rɛdɪŋ/ red-ing) is a historical society known on the monopoly board and made into a movie (a little known fact).

Our Heritage: Pennsylvania born and raised. We create products for the classical man that wants something timeless, functional and classic. We encourage a clean lifestyle with luxury. Live life, love and be authentic and be kind to our planet! WE need the earth and all of the rich phyto-treasuries stored in the earth.

Men’s Health & Wellness: WE are non-compromising where health is concerned. WE don’t just produce products that smell good. They are good to you and for you. WE provide quality formulas with safe and natural ingredients.

Eco-Ethical & Environmentally Friendly: Our products are all natural, free of GMO’s, gluten and soy. They are also 100% cruelty free. WE care about our great planet, the plant kingdom and the animals and the humans who live there.

Reachability: Our products are accessible to everyone. WE deliver products in all parts of the USA and have active distribution in Paris and Africa.

Our Values

  • Leadership
  • Innovation
  • Integrity
  • Customer Focus
  • Achievement and Contribution
  • Quality of Life
  • Partnerships
  • International Affairs
  • Creating Traditions